YP-RP5UNFCS Ultimate Night Fishing Complete System



  • Patent-pending Power Panel electronic control system 
  • Waterproof, illuminated control panel and integrated USB charging 
  • Master power button 
  • Waterproof 5-Outlet Relay Switching Module (Bow, Mid-ship, Stern, ACC 1, ACC 2) 
  • Plug-and-play connectors for connecting everything together easily


For anglers who love night fishing, want to attract bait and have interior lighting that’s easy on your eyes, the Ultimate Night Fishing Complete System is perfect! It comes with our patent-pending Power Panel electronic control system, our Power Pack Battery Box (batteries not included) with master power switch and integrated USB charging, an 8ft. Power Port and Power Plug accessory connector for your fish finder, our complete 4-piece green LED light kit and our 2-piece blue LED interior button lights. Rigging your kayak for night fishing has never been easier. Connecting everything together is simple with the Yak-Power plug-and-play connectors. 

Be sure to check and comply with local boating regulations and laws governing night fishing out of a kayak in your area.

Note: Yak-Power uses our own custom tooled, high tolerance, very snug fitting connectors with larger gauge, real copper wire to ensure a quality, weatherproof and reliable connection.

All our plug-and-play accessories are specifically designed to work together while maintaining the correct battery polarity throughout the entire Yak-Power system. Using other aftermarket connectors or splicing other connectors into the YP system may cause damage to the system or the accessories connected to the system and may void your warranty.

Caution: Make sure to pay attention to the actual wire colors of all our accessory cables to ensure that the red (+) wire is always connecting to the red (+) wire on the connector into which it is being plugged.

Support Materials

Ultimate Night Fishing Complete System Wiring Diagram

Trolling Motor Wiring



  • Wire Gauge 14 AWG


We are using BILT to provide you with an easy assembly process! Interactive easy to follow instructions for how to assembly your new Yak Power product can be found in BILT. Head to the app store now to download the FREE app now.